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Prime drive

Flexible software for businesses

Prime Drive is a software solution designed to meet your company’s technological demands. The system comprises of a main system with capabilities for customization to meet your diverse business needs, and it can be used across various industries.

Tailored to meet your business and firm’s need

The software is a modularized system that is designed to meet your specific business needs and functions. Giving you the power to customize the app in the exact way you would want it to function for you.

The system provides support for third party integration which means it can be integrated to your current accounting system.


There are seven modules in the Prime Drive software with six of the modules representing core functions of the system that addresses basic needs across various businesses, while the final module is designed to meet the specific needs of your organization and business.

Two user interfaces

There are two user interfaces in the Prime drive application; the point of sale and the back office. The point of sale app is available on both iOS and Android and is very user friendly, while the back office provides you with insight to your company’s transaction and data. Prime Drive also allows you to customize your U.I with two distinct styles, light and dark.


Stock Control

​Allows you to keep track of your stock and provides you with accurate information at all time.


Up to date information of all essential company data.


Allows for integration with in-house accounting system.


Instant notification to employees on selected devices

Real – time

Updates and changes to information and data occurs in real time.

Time Recording

Monitor your employees work schedule with accurate time information.


React Native, Firebase, Lambda, Google functions